Jenn Alvin Likes to Make Things

Jenn shows off her page in the Craft Fail Book

Hi, I’m Jenn Alvin! I’m a multi-disciplinary maker who loves to learn new ways of making things — taking classes, watching videos, and trying stuff out on my own. Knitting, spinning yarn, sewing clothing, and leather-working are some of the disciplines I work in. Many of my projects use all sorts of reclaimed and recycled items. 

Recent Projects:

Aquabats costume

I love making my own costumes, and this year I decided to go as MC Bat Commander, fearless leader of…

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3 skeins of multiple color handspun yarn

Knitting & Fiber Arts

I’ve been knitting since 2001, and took up spinning yarn in 2019. I almost always have yarn and needles in my bag as a “fidget project.”

Homemade shoes


 I tend to mentally reverse-engineer everything I see, and it often manifests itself into ambitious projects.

Jenn Alvin performs bass guitar with her Ladies Rock Camp band


When presented with an opportunity, I ask myself, “When will I get the chance to do this again?” and jump into the adventure. 

Food & Drink

Challenging myself with kitchen sink dishes and wacky foods. I’ve also been learning brewing and winemaking.


I love to set odd challenges for myself. I made an unlucky leprechaun hat after a friend and I spent a St. Patrick’s Day in a pub sketching designs on napkins. I may not always be successful, but I always learn something along the way. 

Women's back. She is wearing a black t-shirt with a ribcage


I love to sew, knit, and make accessories. Clothing modification is one of my specialties.