Finished the little devil hat for my friend today. (I started it Saturday – does that tell you anything about my insomnia?) I think it turned out pretty cool. Love the little pointed ends on the tie strings. The bad thing about doing projects like this is that I usually wind up making one for myself after I finish the first one. (Postscript – her chemo nurses had many compliments for her hat!)

It’s really cold outside, but after watching newscasters go on and on about how bad the storm was going to be, it’s a little anti-climatic now that the storm is here. I have a full pantry, I haven’t lost power, and I haven’t driven anywhere although I walked a few blocks for coffee this morning. They said the storm was going to arrive between ten and midnight, and I was up knitting and watching movies until two. The wind howled and rattled my windows, and every once in a while I’d look out the window to see how much snow there was.

Because it is so windy, even though there is quite a bit of snow it is in drifts like dunes in the desert. One second you’ll be on pavement, and the next you’ll be knee deep in powder. With wind chill the temperature is hovering around zero. There aren’t many people out on the roads, but I’ve noticed a few vehicles with chains on going 40 or more, which is really stupid because a) you aren’t supposed to go that fast with chains on; b) chains don’t change the fact that the roads are treacherous and c) it’s a residential street with a 25 mph speed limit. Idiots. I’m having my doubts that it will warm up as quickly as forecast, but at least I am warm and snug at home with plenty to do.

Devil knitted hat

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