Sort of looks like a frisbee

At the beginning of the year I had been playing with some remnant yarn and tried knitting a hat without benefit of a pattern, which turned out rather badly. It wound up relatively flat with odd reduction rows.We created a new game with it during Craft Night at Touchstone this evening: Knitting Frisbee! Kim and I spun the hat through the air frisbee-style, testing variables to determine the best way to make it fly. Spinning it upside-down worked best. The fringe on the outside helped with the aerodynamics, giving it weight to help it soar. After a while we got the hang of throwing it, sending it back and forth with agility and speed until a wrong flick of the wrist would send the disc into the other room and Kim and I into hysterics. A brainstorm we had was to turn this sort of thing into a two-part competition. First each participant has to knit a disc, then go through a testing phase to determine which discs fly the best. Ahh, the science of knitting!

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