Signs I’ve been to quite a few Chris Isaak performances…

  • By the time I took my seat, I could pick out the women who would be invited to dance on stage with him during one of the final numbers.
  • I knew when he would swap “Portland” for “San Francisco” when he sang San Francisco Days.
  • When the overture from West Side Story plays, the show is about to start!
  • I’ve heard the trailer park story before… and noticed when he left a particularly racy part out.
  • The most popular songs for the couples in the audience to kiss and canoodle to are *always* Wicked Game and Wrong to Love You, although the entire show seems to get folks pretty randy.
  • When he left the stage and people started leaving, I knew to stick around because he’d be back in moments wearing a mirrored suit.
  • I’ve heard the “We’re gonna play the songs we know for a few hours, then get started on the songs we don’t know… maybe some ABBA, maybe some Blue Oyster Cult” line before… and it still makes me laugh.
  • He usually talks about women coughing up sequins the next morning after a night with him, but he makes it sound so appealing!
  • When he asks people who are in “loving committed relationships” to raise their hands in the air, Chris tells the guys in the band to only pick from the women who *don’t* have their arms in the air.
In-progress picture of my tattoo of Chris Isaak’s guitar. I’ve seen him perform at least once a year since 1994.

More random notes from Thursday’s show: Chris and the guys of Silvertone were great — lots of energy. Just have to remember that sometimes the gals in the front row are just as entertaining to watch as the band is, and even funnier when they are pulled up on stage. There was even a mother-daughter team, with the mom completely putting the moves on Chris! The front-row women were much less skanky than the women at other shows I’ve been to like Reno and Seattle… Seattle in ’02 was the worst with the drunk gal at the signing booth begging Chris to return the bra she threw on stage during the show. LOL

We had great seats, but I misjudged where he’d be going out in the audience and he wound up the balcony instead of in the orchestra where we were seated (and I thought he would be). Although considering how many fan-type interactions I’ve been lucky enough to have with him, including him dancing on my table during a lounge show, I really have nothing to complain about.

He sounded really good, and he told many jokes in bad taste that are half the fun of the show, although the funniest joke was unintentional. Chris was making local references as part of a story, and he pronounced Willamette as “Willa-met” The audience, already close to tears from laughing so hard, kind of lost it at that point. There were two catty bimbettes sitting behind us who insisted on talking through the entire show, although they got a little quieter after I told them they were being disruptive. It was sort of like watching the show with an unwanted running commentary.

“Oh, he is so cute! I’d take him home and eat him for breakfast!” “Girl, no, we need to take the whole band home with us!” “I wonder if he’ll sing that song off of [insert name of popular overcommercial recent album here]?” “This is my first time seeing him in concert – this is pretty cool.”

They literally talked like this through the *whole show.* I hope it’s her last, or if they go again that they not talk through the whole thing. I had half a mind to give her the keys to my car so they could listen to the music on CD and talk without bothering anyone.

He sang Going Nowhere, which is one of my favorites, but I’m still waiting to hear him sing Like The Way She Moves or I’m Not Sleepy during a show. Since they are non-radio play tracks off of Speak of the Devil, the chances are slim. I love to hear him sing, but I would have been perfectly happy if he hadn’t sung anything from his most recent album — all the songs from that album are pretty lackluster. Loved that they balanced the show out with an acoustic set in the middle, including songs from Baja Sessions. Heard official confirmation that he is releasing a Christmas album — with four original tracks! How cool is that?

When they were winding up the show, he told us what a great audience we were and that he wanted to stick around and sing for us for a while, then slid into a fabulous acoustic rendition of Forever Blue. I think someone told him in his ear bug that the show was over because it wrapped up seconds after he finished the song, with a very hurried thanks to all the members of the band. This was a bummer because they usually end shows with a rocking rendition of Diddley Daddy, which also has the potential to contain wickedly funny stories.

Went home wanting to watch my boot-leg copies of The Chris Isaak show until the sun came up so it wouldn’t seem like the concert was over. *sigh* For the record, this is the eighth show I’ve attended. No, I’m not a fan-girl at all. 🙂

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