Putting together my tiki-themed bathroom has been a lot of fun. I’m picky about the tackiness level of the stuff that goes in there, so it’s taking a while to decorate. A plain wrought-iron-esque towel stand has been in my bathroom for the last few years, and while it is functional, and my friends agree that it never quite fit my style.


Time for a makeover!!! 8 oz. of raffia, an armful of tropical-looking silk flower stems, and a roll of floral wire later, I got to work. Several strands of raffia were picked up, then knotted around the wire perimeter in grass skirt style. Once the raffia was all the way around and thick enough to cover the stand, I began weaving the flowers in with floral wire. Alternating the three flower colors made a nice effect.

I don’t think anything else needs a grass skirt, although since that was so easy I’ve come up with more ideas to tiki-fy the bathroom. I want to make a custom cover for the lightswitch, cover the plain white clock near my sink in bamboo, and pick up more Trader Dick’s mugs and tropical drink glasses. A nice framed vintage hula girl print would be great, too. I just haven’t found the right one, yet. Fortunately there’s a dealer in the nearby antique mall that deals strictly in Hawaiian kitcsh, and I usually stop by to see what’s new when I take my Saturday morning neighborhood walks.

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