Ice cream sandwiches

This was so simple it was almost criminal.  A buddy of mine picked up a 50 lb bag of coconut flour from Bob’s Red Mill (don’t ask why) and distributed samples for us to play with. I took the oatmeal cookie recipe off of the Quaker Oats box, but substituted coconut flour for the traditional flour.  I figured out later that I should have added an additional egg or two to balance it out, but the cookies still stayed together pretty well. Aaron decided that “fried ice cream” flavor ice cream would go really well with oatmeal cookies, so that is what I used.  I used a large spoon to squish ice cream into my silicone muffin pan.  I filled them all the way up, but next time I would only fill them half way. You could probably do this with a regular muffin tin, but the silicone makes it really easy to release the ice cream from the mold.  The muffin pan went into the freezer while I prepped and baked the cookies.

I used a circular cookie cutter to make the cookies match the same size as the muffin pan reservoirs. Cookies were a little crumbly because I didn’t use enough egg, but oh, were they tasty!!!!  I think it is better to assemble the pieces while the cookies are a little bit warm because that helps the ice cream to stick to the cookies.

Prepping for ice cream sandwichesBefore bakingAfter bakingIce cream sandwich mold

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