I got a super cute “Tech Girl” t-shirt for Christmas that was kind of big on me, and I didn’t want to banish it to pajama land. I’ve made a couple of T-shirts before (short and long sleeve) and the end results were less than desirable. After doing a bit of reading and looking at lots of pictures, I finally mustered up the courage to try it again.

I was very disciplined about it instead of cutting and sewing on the fly like I usually do. Even used the dressmakers chalk! Spent a fair amount of time adjusting thread tension, which was interrupted by a drastic need to clean out the lint below the feed dogs. Basted, tried it on, seam ripped, re-basted, and frequently ran to the full length mirror in the other room to check my work.

Finally got it how I wanted it, and finalized the seams. Should have been a bit more industrious and used the serger for the final seams, but adjusting serger thread tension is more of a pain than adjusting the sewing machine.

Very happy with the results, and it has given me the courage to try it again!

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