Next to a scarf or a potholder, ponchos have the potential to be one of the simplest things to knit. I wanted to knit a poncho as a Christmas gift for my niece. Do I take the easy route? Of course not. I browsed through a number of websites and books before determining that none of the patterns were what I was looking for. I found a beautiful cable motif in Cables Untangled to use, and ran from there. My niece is a size six. I found a website that gives measurements for children’s sizes, and used those to write my pattern. This was my first mistake. I should have called my brother for more specific measurements. I worked very hard on the poncho, had it complete in about a week and a half, and THEN called my brother to verify the size. As I suspected, the poncho was too small. Fortunately, they said if I send it they should have no problem finding a home for it.

Plan two. I decided to skip the cables for round two because figuring out the decreases is really tricky. Lion Yarn published a Plaid Poncho pattern that was interesting, but the colors did not line up on the blocks, so I made some adjustments to the pattern. The yarn I used is from SCRAP. I picked up many partial skeins of pinks and purples, as well as a few fun yarns to use as “carry along”. It is challenging to find projects for partial skeins, so I was happy to have a way to use them.

Two weeks and many hours of streaming video later, I knitted another poncho! I took additional artistic license with the pattern and added a crocheted block to one side, which leaves it a bit asymmetrical. Think 1980’s and Flashdance sweaters? I can (carefully, barely) get my head through the opening, so I have no doubt it is large enough for her. Even better, it can be machine washed and dried. Her parents have their hands full, so I don’t want to send anything that will require special laundry care.

One Christmas project down, a few to go. I can’t wait to see pictures of her wearing it. Huzzah!

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