Yarn? Check. Pattern? Check.

I am averse to direct sunlight, so I am a big fan of large floppy sun hats.  When I discovered two skeins of Japanese Leafy Puppy Knitting yarn at SCRAP, I decided it is high time that I try making one of my own.  It can’t be that tricky, right? I am a knitter first and a crocheter third or fourth, but given a bit of time I can work my way through a crochet pattern.

Finding the right pattern was the trickiest part. After searching the pattern libraries at Ravelry, I narrowed it down and took one for a test drive.

The first one I tried was written by an American yarn company.  Fail. Utter fail. The increases that the pattern called for weren’t working. The work was warped and didn’t look anything like the picture. I unraveled it and started over a couple of times in the event that I had misread it or missed a stitch someplace.  Nope, still didn’t work, so I went hunting for a new pattern.

I finally found the Celebrity Sun Hat pattern from Pierrot. Most of their patterns are in Japanese, but a number of them are translated into English, although (a somewhat awkward) registration is required to access their patterns.

I read through the new pattern and heard anime angels singing from on high! Since English is not the first language for the pattern, I wasn’t sure if it would be easy to follow. I was very impressed with the charts and straightforward directions.

I wove in contrasting yarn as I went to ensure that I kept track of the increases. Unlike the first pattern I tried, the increases were staggered, resulting in a more consistent end product.

I worked in a different gauge than the pattern called for, but very few adjustments were needed.  The one thing I would do differently is to make the crown a bit smaller.  The hat is a bit big on me, but I made a fashionably tight hat band (with flower!) and it fits well now.

Now that I have survived my first crocheted hat project, I want to try my hand at spinning newspaper yarn and making hats from that!

Me and my pretty sun hat

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