A few weeks back I discovered the Arrested Development Paper Doll Collection illustrated by Kyle Hilton. I loved them so much that I felt they needed to be a set of refrigerator magnets. Paper dolls are cool, but magnets are better!

I have only made the Tobias and Lindsay sets so far, but now that the rest of the family is available, I’ll make those, too.

Below are the steps I took to make mine.  Office supply shops do sell printable magnet paper, but the magnets are really weak, so I went with stronger stuff.  The laminate paper makes the magnets easier to handle and less prone to wear.  This technique also works well for any other printed materials.  It works great with decals and bumper stickers!


  • Arrested Development paper doll PDFs

  • Self-adhesive laminate sheets

  • Self-adhesive printer paper

  • The strongest magnetic sheets you can get your hands on. I found mine at SCRAP, but it might also be worth checking at shops that make magnetic signs and see if they are willing to give you remnant pieces.

  • Arrested Development DVDs (optional)


  • Color Inkjet Printer

  • Sharp scissors
  • DVD player (optional)

Using my color inkjet, I printed out the doll sheets on adhesive paper. These were attached to the magnetic sheets.  Once this is complete, the sheets were covered with adhesive laminate. Put on an Arrested Development DVD, and start cutting the dolls out.  Since the dolls are on magnets, you can cut off the tabs around the pieces since you won’t need them.  It only took half a season to complete our Tobias and Lindsay set, and now we have a terrific conversation piece.

Special thanks to Kyle Hilton for permission to use his artwork for this tutorial.

Lindsay and Tobias magnetic dress-up dolls

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