Project:  Sparkling up a thrift store skirt then designing a handkerchief skirt to wear with it.

After finding a pretty pink and purple skirt at one of my neighborhood thrift stores, I used my sewing machine to attach sequin trim.  Use sharp needles and be prepared to swap in fresh ones!  Attaching the trim was time consuming because there was a lot of hem to bling-ify, but it was pretty straightforward to tack it on with a zig-zag stitch.  Some of the tutorials I reviewed called for a straight stitch, but it was too tricky to keep the sequins lined up under the foot for me to use a straight stitch.  The zig-zag stitch casts a wider net so as long as the stitch made it over some part of the sequin I was happy.  I am seriously considering getting a sequin foot for my sewing machine because I know I will have future projects that call for sequin trim.

The skirt was worn in the Starlight Parade, where my troupe had gone gypsy to blend in with the other dancers.  We were asked to be as shiny as we could because we needed to stand out in the night. I wore lots of junk jewelry because I am notorious for dropping things and do not want to lose any of my good jewelry.  We all wore gold streamer belts and wove glow-in-the-dark necklaces into our hip scarves so we could sparkle even more.

Two and a half miles of walking and dancing later, we still shone, albeit wearily.  Confidentially, it is more exhausting to wait for the sun to go down and the parade to start than it is to walk the parade route, as we had to be in place hours earlier.  The great thing about being part of this parade is that it is the closest I will ever get to being in the Main Street Electrical Parade, and the crowds are awesome!

I was so enamored with my new skirt that I wanted something to go with it.  I found a couple of yards of a sheer fabric at SCRAP not long ago, and it was sitting in my stash waiting to be incorporated into a project.  The colors looked nice together, so I went with it. I used this accent overskirt tutorial from Sheikhani as a jumping off point.  Since I didn’t have enough fabric to make 8 equal sized squares as the pattern calls for, I went with squares of varying size. 

I ❤ Shiny!

I also cut a casing for the waistband using black fabric leftover from making the coin belt.  Once all of the pieces were cut out, I used my serger to hem the edges, carrying a shiny pink thread along with the regular thread. I sewed a sequin-like banded trim onto the bottom two edges of each diamond, then I arranged and pinned the pieces along the waistband.  I am glad that I tried it on before sewing it together because the larger diamonds needed to be trimmed down so I wouldn’t trip over them.  After the diamonds were sewn to the waistband, I closed the waistband casing, leaving an opening to thread the elastic.

I am really pleased with the effect of the layered skirts!  These were really easy projects to complete, too.  Sewing the trim onto the thrift store skirt took about an hour, and sewing the handkerchief overskirt took a little over three.  Hooray for new costume pieces!  I am really getting into sewing for belly dance costumes – better make room in my closet for more!

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