Aaron got me a terrific book on stuff to do with old t-shirts, and I decided that our dog Picard needed a new bed.  He’s a greyhound, so he would always like another bed. I retired the Batman, Blackwatch Porter, Blues Brothers, Cthulhu, Geek Squad, and “Danger – May geek out without warning” t-shirts from our wardrobes and incorporated them into his bed.  It has a zipper closure, and is stuffed with pillows from around the house that are too worn to use on the beds but perfect for a dog bed.  This is how Picard also wound up with a memory foam bed in the back of my car. Anyway, this project sewed up in an afternoon.  Used both the serger and the sewing machine.  

Black greyhound laying down on a t-shirt bed
Picard the greyhound tests out his new t-shirt bed

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