Jenn Alvin models a brightly colored knit sweater vest
Modelling my new striped sweater

This sweater, which is informally known as “an HR disaster waiting to happen”, is finally finished!  The first time I wore it to work, people couldn’t help reaching out to touch it.  The texture is pretty intense, so I can’t really blame them, although I wish they had asked for permission first. The pattern is a riff on “The incredible, custom-fit, Raglan sweater“, and it took a month of obsessive knitting and complete disregard for everything else in order to complete it.  In lieu of buttons, I have experimented with different brooches as a closure for the sweater. I also opted to leave it as a short sleeve sweater. Long sleeves would have been fun, but by the time I completed them it would have been too warm to wear it.

The yarn was assembled using a lazy magic ball technique. By lazy, I mean that I tied all of the yarn lengths together instead of weaving the fibers together with a yarn needle.  Because I used such varying yarn textures, the traditional connection technique would not have worked, and it would have taken FOREVER.  I wrote a short blog post for SCRAP, my material source, on How to Make the Most of Short Lengths of Yarn. At one point, I probably had 50 different yarns on the table as the palette to create my custom yarn.

I am incredibly happy with how the sweater turned out, but I don’t expect to be knitting any more sweaters for a while.  It is really tricky to get the size and shape right.  I had to frog my first attempt at the collar, which was frustrating because I had spent hours on it.  On the plus side, it gave me an excuse to stay up late with an entire season of The Aquabats Super Show.

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