Anticipating a lot of snow and ice during our holiday trip to Northern California, I made a set of snow boots for Picard the greyhound. These are loosely based on the pattern from Domestik Goddess. I used a shiny fashion knit for the outside, soft fleece for lining, and vinyl scraps for the sole. I only used Velcro for fasteners, and not the recommended combination of Velcro and elastic. It was pretty adorable watching him try to walk in them around the house. Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Once we actually tried them in the snow, they worked like a charm. When we went for our wintry walk, I slid and fell twice while Picard was stable as a table. If I make another set of these, I will definitely use the elastic because the boots on the back legs continually needed adjusting.

Black greyhound wearing a jacket and snow boots
Picard the greyhound was not as happy with his boots as I was.

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