My first video! I spent a weekend shooting and editing this. Great proof of concept for future crafty videos.

I purchased a “Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker” for fun, and this is a video of my adventure to marry this child’s toy with a Jell-O Easter egg mold to make tasty treats.

What have I learned?

First, I need a mic and better lighting.

Second, I’m going to make good use of my new Toastmasters membership to decrease the number of times I say “and” or “hey!”.

Third, I’m probably going to spring for better video editing software. iMovie doesn’t have as many features as I am used to. I also need to shoot B roll.

Fourth, if I try to do this again, I would create a custom mold and paint the chocolate in instead of playing with the chocolate injection tool.

The good stuff

I learned so much! Lots of great ideas for shooting the next video. This was super fun, and the Jell-O eggs were pretty tasty. I’m envisioning this as a whole line of holiday treats.