I love making sweets with personality. In 2013, I made candy sushi rolls and nigiri as a bribe for the judges in SCRAP’s Rebel Craft Rumble fundraiser. I had recently returned from Tokyo, and my jet-lag addled brain thought that “kawaii” treats were the way to go.

The final designs were a combination of looking at dozens of pictures of sushi, enjoying a meal at my favorite sushi restaurant, and shopping the bulk candy section.

Marshmallows, rice krispies, and gummy fishes
Cereal, marshmallows, candy, and implements of assembly.

Rice Krispy treats were hands-down the most practical analog for sushi rice. I found some fun multi-color marshmallows to be roll filling. Gummy candies — worms, fish, and sharks — and colorful twirlers were the perfect toppings for the nigiri. I used lemon drops and other round candies as my “roe.” Fruit roll strips were my “seaweed sheets.” It was super nice that they were already trimmed to a width to surround the rolls.

In order to authentically assemble the ingredients, I picked up a sushi bamboo mat and a rice mold from the local Japanese grocery store. I also got the plastic green grass to decorate the base of the trays.

Once I got the Rice Krispy ingredients combined, it was a race against the clock to shape the treat while the marshmallow was still warm. Once the mixture cooled off, it was much more difficult to manipulate.

This project was super fun, and I need to come up with an excuse to make these again. I think that the next time I will get the sushi boxes so they can be presented with flair.

Finished Candy Sushi
Lovely set of completed candy sushi