I’ve been on a pretty big backgammon kick as of late, and I’ve been on the hunt for a good travel board. Then it hit me — I’ve got a studio full of materials! Why not make my own? I challenged myself to create it only using the stuff that was already in my studio. Everyone has a stash of carvable leather sitting around, right?

Plans for my travel backgammon board

I sketched out a number of possible constructions before happening across a photo wallet that was hanging out at the bottom of my leather bin. I pulled it apart for its folding frame, carved a playing field into leather, stamped it for texture, painted it, stained it, glossed it, and ultimately assembled it into a furry frame of on-the-go backgammon bliss. The crystals are the closest thing I have to small pips, so I’ll be looking for pieces that are easier to play with.

Travel backgammon set
Finished travel backgammon set

Not counting the several hours I spent sketching ideas in my notebook, this project took about 5 hours to complete.