I’m a huge fan of keeping reciepts, napkins, postcards, and other small memorabilia from my trips because 1) they are fun and 2) easy to pack! I also realized that I don’t have as many luggage tags as I need for my growing collection of suitcases and backpacks.

Luggage tags and the laminator
Luggage tags

During my recent trip to Southern California, we hit a few iconic places: Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts & Tacos and (of course) Disneyland! From Trejo’s, I had a “Free Donut Day” postcard. From Disneyland, I had an Autopia driver’s license and the hanbao bag from Adventurelands’ Tropical Hideaway restaurant.

In order to make two luggage tags, I needed two pairs of cards so I could hide my contact info on the cards.

I cut my favorite designs into 4 business card-size cards, and wrote my contact information on the backs of two. My standard is to write my name, phone number, and email address. All four pieces were laminated using a luggage tag kit. I used KamSnaps to hold the two cards together and hide my contact information from the casual observer.

Super happy with the results — every time I pack my bags, I have a special reminder of that trip.

Crafty luggage tags attached to a suitcase
Luggage tags in action!