Tricker than it looks

When we went to explore the Dallas Farmer’s Market, we found goats! I’m a yoga enthusiast, and I’ve always been curious about goat yoga. I wasn’t dressed for it, but figured I could still pull it off wearing jeans. It was a benefit for a local Veterans organization, so one more reason to participate!

The goats were freaking adorable in their costumes. All of the moves were straightforward, so it wasn’t too challenging to practice in jeans. Honestly, it wound up being more of a “selfies with goats” session than a “yoga with goats” session. I didn’t mind.

The session facilitators went around the class sprinkling popcorn on attendee’s backs, which encouraged the goats to climb. Very proud that I was able to hold plank with a goat balanced on my back before he bounded off to the back of the next person over.

It was super fun and I plan to do it again the next time I have the opportunity.