The summer scarves gathering dust in my fabric stash have finally been put to good use! I love the way that the stripes offset each other, and it was the perfect opportunity to make a handkerchief skirt. First things first, I used tissue paper to prototype how the fabric would look in skirt form. Happy with that, I started cutting scarves into smaller blocks to piece them together into new fabric.

Right off the bat, I realized that I didn’t have enough fabric if I only used the striped scarves. This led to a scrambling use of the other scarves I had on hand, resulting in two skirt layers of many patterns and colors.

With the two layers, I folded them like I was getting ready to cut a snowflake, and cut the waist circle. Stay-stitched the edges then added a waistband channel. I deconstructed an orphaned polyester belt tie formerly belonging to another dress to make the channel, then threaded it with an elastic band.

Quite pleased with the end result — it flutters nicely. Given how sheer the scarves are, I might add another layer of scarves or wear leggings underneath it.

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