Sometimes you just have to roll with it… or in this case, jump with it. Shortly after I woke up, my friend Carla put out the call to see if anyone was available to jump with them in the afternoon because someone in her party had cancelled. Long story short, I said yes about 9am and was taxiing on the plane around 1pm.

Before we got on the plane, we were coached through how the jump would work — once you’re out of the plane, arch backward so you’re sort of in the shape of a banana. Hold your nose and blow with your mouth closed to pop your ears a bit. Hang on to the straps until your tandem partner taps you on the shoulder, them put your arms out and FLY! Fly for a bit before the parachute is deployed and you soar back to the ground. Hold your feet up while you’re landing. Maybe you hit the ground running. Maybe you slide on your butt. Cheer like crazy because you’ve just done something extraordinary.

For whatever reason, the most nervous I got was when we were on the flight up because I didn’t want to leave the plane until we were good and ready. I found myself leaning away from the door. Once we were ready to jump, I was fine. Out the door we flew from an elevation of about 14,500 feet. The free fall was the best part. Once the parachute was deployed, the straps around my legs got super uncomfortable, making it difficult to focus on the breathtaking view. We did some spiral maneuvers with the parachute before hitting the ground running. IT WAS EXHILARATING! Yeah, I would do this again.

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