I found an amazing pair of rust-colored Double H leather work boots at the “by the pound” thrift store. They arrived with singes, scuffs, scrapes, and a fair amount of dirt.

A bit rough around the edges

I gave them a good cleaning then re-stained them a brilliant red. For the sides, I designed a checkerboard knit pattern in Illustrator. This was run through the Cricut on clear contact paper to make a sticky stencil. Metallic pink and bronze sharpie pens were used to color in the stencil on the boot sides.

Next I made a paper pattern of the toe area. I grabbed a knitted SEP (somebody else’s project) for the toe fabric because I was too lazy wanted to make the most of materials I have on hand. I stay-stitched the knitted material so it wouldn’t unravel when I cut it out. I used a water-based shoe-glue to attach the knitted pieces to the boot.

I went a bit crazy with making flowers for the sides. The flowers are made from leather scraps, felted sweaters, and random rivets from my collection.

The garden of misfit scrappy flowers

Used the Cricut to cut out a pair of iron-on knitting needles to embellish the back of each boot. I’m super pleased with the way they turned out, and I would like to make more. Just need to find a longer pair of laces for them!

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