Going to have grease under my fingernails for weeks. I saw a cool vintage range hood on Craigslist— drove a ways to check it out. When the seller realized it wasn’t working well, she offered it to us for free just to get it off her hands. Challenge accepted.

The posting from Craigslist

I took just about every piece of it apart and cleaned the f*** out of it. Like using an old credit card to scrape off decades of grease type of cleaning. Turns out the reason the light switch wasn’t working is because there was so much cooking grease on the spring that it couldn’t make the connection.

Replaced the light switch, WD-40’d the motor, cut a replacement for the light cover, wired in a new plug, and installed the newly cleaned fan blades. Aaron helped me wrestle it into its new home above our stove, and it works like a charm now.

Feeling an equal sense of exhaustion and accomplishment here. Happy that I know more than I give myself credit for on basic electric wiring. Glad we could save it from being scrapped and that I was able to source or build replacement parts. And hey, for much less than buying a basic brand new range hood we’ve got a gorgeous vintage one that still has many years of service in it. I’m calling it a grease, not sweat, equity project 😂

It looks really sweet with the new stainless steel backsplash.

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