National Mustard Day doughnut challenge? I’m in. Mustard is one of my favorite condiments. Verdict: more sweet than savory. Really delicious.

I used the French’s doughnut recipe, and made a second glaze from Beaver sweet hot mustard. The original recipe for the French’s classic mustard glaze includes vanilla: this had an odd aftertaste, so I made a new batch without the vanilla. Much better. I decreased the amount of sugar in all of the glazes so it doesn’t overwhelm the mustard.

The mustard pound cake crumble topping is super tasty. I liked it on its own more than on the doughnuts. Both doughnuts were better with pretzel topping — that flavor combination is a classic, and the salt adds the right amount of bite.

The sweet hot glaze edged out the classic yellow as my favorite, although not by much. I would totally make these again. Happy National Mustard Day everyone!

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