This is my second go at making a handspun yarn with string along flowers. This is a 3-ply yarn: one spun plain, one spun with flowers, and a variegated yarn for contrast.

I started by fluffing up a lot of yarn scraps using hand carders and eventually my drum carder to get the fibers in spinnable form. Not exactly sure of the fiber content, but I know a majority of it is wool.

Next step is preparing the flowers. I cut dozens and dozens of flower petal sets on my Cricut. Each flower consistent of two petal sets, embroidery thread, and a red bead. The embroidery thread was left long enough to spin into the fibers as I created the yarn.

I wound up needing a lot more flowers than I originally made, to the tune of making at least 2 additional batches of flowers. (I lost track after a while.) I really like how the striped cotton quilting fabric looks against the vibrant key lime fiber.

After everything was spun up and plied (one plain, one variegated off the shelf) I soaked and set the yarn.

Not exactly sure what I’m going to use this for yet. It might make a really pretty hat.

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