Laptop Accessory Bag


Gotta improve on this

Too much to stuff into one little zipper pouch

I spend most of my days in meetings, and change conference rooms frequently.  The touch pad on my laptop works, but it lacks the more precise control of a mouse.  My wireless mouse is great, but it needs a mouse pad in order to work effectively. My phone is essential, and I also carry a conversion dongle so I can project in HDMI when I need to present materials. I'm often also toting a commuter coffee mug, so an accessory bag is necessary in order to balance everything. I have a laptop bag, but it is too bulky to carry with me all day.

Up until now, I've folded up the mouse pad and stuffed all of the accessories into a little black zipper pouch. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it did the trick.

This weekend I built a laptop accessory bag to make carrying these things a bit easier. Outside of the fabric, I was able to make this with the hardware and whatnot I already have on hand.  The fabric sample is from SCRAP.


Bright colored zipper pouch that doubles as a mouse pad

Cute star zipper pull

Detachable wrist strap

Snaps to hold the cable next to the pouch

Plenty of room to hold the wireless mouse and my phone