Jenn Likes To Make Things is live!

So excited to launch the Jenn Likes To Make Things website! When I create something new, at least one person will say, “Oh, that’s cool, but I could never do that.”

Behind the scenes at the Chocolate Surprise Jello Shot Egg video shoot.

I want to help people embrace their creativity and be comfortable saying, “Yeah, I can totally build that.”

A few months ago someone gave me this career advice: “What would you do even if you weren’t paid for it?” This is it.

More career advice: “Don’t wait until you’re confident. Do it now.”

I did it now, and the site is live! I’m working through over a decade of posts from the old Illusionaire blog to bring them here. It’s been fun seeing the wild projects I’ve worked on over the years. Molded Zombie Hand Appetizer is one of my favorites.

I also spent the weekend shooting a “Chocolate Surprise Egg Jell-O shots” craft video. Spoiler alert: hilarity ensues.

Long story short, stay tuned! Lots of fun content coming your way.

All the best,