Taxidermy Piñata

For my birthday, my friends watched as I took blindfolded swings at a piñata stuffed with lip balms, airline bottles of hooch, candy, and slime toys. Early on I knocked the head clean off, leaving it in perfect condition to be taxidermied.

The back is comprised of a few layers of cardboard glued together for strength. I knew I’d be able to reuse those delivery boxes somehow. I deliberately used quick drying glues (spray adhesive and hot glue) for the project so it could be completed in an afternoon. For the paint, I pulled out the heated embossing tool to make it dry more quickly.

I painted the border as a gold “frame” and outlined the inside with a scrap of gold cord. The look was completed with a few cardboard flowers and yarn tendrils.
The piñata head is so lightweight that it only took cardboard tabs and hot glue to mount it. Start to finish, not counting the party where the piñata was beheaded, this faux taxidermy project took 3 hours.