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Here’s a freaky something something that is a treat to serve at any gathering — perfect for Halloween or Zombie Yule, but this can be fun all year round!  I made it today for Aaron’s birthday party.  It’s essentially Krab cocktail in disguise, but oh, what a fun disguise!  To do this the boring way, you drop a block of cream cheese on a plate, cover with shredded Krab, then smother with cocktail sauce.  I think my way it more fun.  You’ll need to start with a gelatin mold in a spooky shape such a dismembered hand.


1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin

1/2 cup boiling water

8 oz cream cheese, softened

1 Tbsp mayonnaise

Jar of cocktail sauce

Green food coloring (I used the entire little bottle in one of those 4-packs you get at the grocery store, and I still don’t think it is green enough)

Package of Krab Chunky salsa (optional — used for texture)

Directions: Dissolve the gelatin in the boiling water. Add cream cheese, 1/3 cup cocktail sauce, green food coloring, mayonnaise, and a spoon or two of chunky salsa if desired. Use a hand mixer to blend until smooth. Spoon the cream cheese gelatin mixture along the sides of the mold, leaving a hollow area in the center to fill later.  Put the mold in the freezer while you prepare the filling.

Shred the Krab in a bowl, and pour the rest of the cocktail sauce over it.  Mix well.  When the gelatin is somewhat set, fill the center with the Krab mixture.  Seal it with more gelatin cream cheese if you still have some.  Don’t worry about any Krab that can’t fit in the mold — just cover the bowl and put it in the fridge next to your mold while it finishes setting.  It is usually ready to go in about 4 hours.

Un-mold on a plate and surround it the the remainder of the “bloody” Krab.  Serve with your favorite crackers and be prepared to field questions from your guests on “What the heck is that?” Insert maniacal laugh here.

Savory Jello salads are very out of vogue so I couldn’t find a recipe to emulate.  I made a wild guess at the amount of gelatin to use, and fortunately it worked out pretty well.  I made it once before, but didn’t go as heavy on the green food coloring. 

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