Poster from the Art Etcetera Auction benefitting Mary Catherine

Sock monkeys. Stairway with a handrail constructed of crutches. Globes lining the staircase. A workshop to drool over. Charming cats. A well hung wood carving guarding the front door. Knicknacks, collectibles, fabulous photographs, and fabled artwork everywhere you look, all with a story behind it.Welcome to the House of Mary Catherine. MC and I used to work down the hall from each other at the Chip. In short, we’ve seen the pits of hell together. Her artwork is incredible, and her ability to copy edit a happy hour menu at twenty paces is legendary. The infamous “palace” has been featured on Oregon Artbeat and in the Portland Tribune, as well as an article scheduled for this winter in Budget Living Magazine. MC needed some help with her computer, and I jumped at the invitation for lunch and a tour in exchange for some tutoring. The house exceeded all of my expectations for kitchiness and camp, and my photos don’t even begin to do it justice.

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