Lantern symbol glasses with templates

These were supposed to be the coolest geek gift ever.  They will be, eventually.  The stuff I got that I had to wear gloves to use and claimed to be etching cream was really just glorified translucent paint.  Temporary paint, at that.  Plus, I discovered that the sticky paper I used for masking is nearly impossible to remove after sitting for the ten days the “etching cream” needed to set.

Will pick up some of the Armour etching cream (which is supposed to work in hours, not days) in the near future.  Will test it out on these glasses before buying a new set of glasses and starting this all over again.

I had pinged Aaron’s friends to help me find good image sources for all of the Lantern symbols, agonized over how to get the symbols printed onto the right masking paper, then spent several hours cutting out the stencils with my Xacto knife.  The good news it that I know how to do this now, and have an electronic copy of the stencil patterns I used.  The bad news is that I need to cut all the stencils out again.  I haven’t seen any Cricut Green Lantern cartridges yet.  (Not that I actually own a Cricut…  Not a scrapbooker, either.)

It’s been a busy holiday season.  I baked several batches of the Oatmeal Orange cookies to send to my family, adapted a canvas bag into a laptop sleeve with a  “screenprinted” (read: freezer paper stencil and fabric paint) Marilyn silhouette, made lavender sachets, and sewed a flouncy dress-up skirt for my niece.  Oh, and knitted scarves for three people.  I had brought the scarf project for my MIL with me on our annual coastal Thanksgiving trip to work on because Aaron promised me if I told his Mom that I was making it for someone else, she wouldn’t make the connection that it was for her.  The yarn I used is a gorgeous teal color, and at one point she pointed out, “You know, that is my favorite color.”

At this point I bluffed and told her, “Gosh, I thought it was baby blue.”  This did not go over well.

I was fortunate enough to be with her in person when she opened the gift at Christmas, and just as Aaron promised, she was very surprised!  She told me she had spent the better part of Thanksgiving weekend wistfully looking at the scarf and wishing she had responded when I sent out the email asking for Christmas gift hints.  Apparently very few people sent me hints because they were worried that I was already overwhelmed with hints.

Made the ultimate impulse purchase last week of a gorgeous set of Weeping Angel paintings inspired by the Doctor Who episode, BlinkSkelekitty rocks! She and I became friends on Flickr recently, bonding over our mutual love of funny signs.  After continually missing out on Erica Moen‘s sculptures that are getting snapped up as soon as they are posted, I did not want to miss out on these paintings.  Literally took me several hours to hang them because I measured, put up sticky notes, eyeballed it, and re-measured probably three times before I finally started hammering nails into the wall.  They look fabulous in my living room, and I couldn’t be happier.

Outside of starting the Lantern glasses again, I am also working on socks for Aaron, socks for Nana, and finishing off the projects for Laura and Chris that should have been finished months ago.  One of these days my crafty space needs a serious re-org.  All of this is dependent on me not getting too sucked into Catan or Katamari ForeverKingdom of Loathing is also a dangerous potential distraction, but I haven’t been as interested since Crimbo season ended.  Not much free time these days, but in a very good way.

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