Ahhh… bloody marys. The wicked pairing to brunch, and I decided that it would be a lot of fun to bring bloody mary eggs to an Easter brunch party. I picked up the egg-shaped jello molds for my chocolate covered jello shot project, and this is the more traditional way to use the molds.

First things first, gotta get garnished up. I ransacked the fridge and pantry for garnish and bloody mary mix ingredients. I made my own bloody mary mix, and chopped up pickles, celery, and peperonci for the garnish.

All the accoutrements!

Once everything was chopped up, I placed them in the bottom of the Jello molds. I microwaved the bloody mary mix to boiling, then dissolved the gelatin. Once it was dissolved, I added vodka. The entire mixture was poured into the egg molds and allowed to set.

They popped out of the molds pretty easily once they were set. I love how the garnish looked when it was suspended in the gelatin.

Aren’t they pretty?

They were a hit at the party! I think this may because an Easter tradition.

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