Undead Footwear - An exercise in prototyping

Undead Footwear

An exercise in prototyping

Braaaaains! I can finally unveil the zombie slippers to the world because Christmas has come and gone and I no longer need to keep them a secret from the lucky recipient. This isn’t my first foray into slipper making, although it is definitely my most successful.  As is the case with just about every project I undertake, there is no such thing as an overnight success. It took a lot of trial and error to achieve the “look and feel” (ha!) I was working towards.

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Many thanks to Destri at My Crafty Stuff for a basic pattern that was pretty easy to follow and adapt to my needs. The web has a lot of baby slipper patterns, but not as many for adults. Once I had the pattern nailed down, I made a few conceptual sketches in my project notebook. I used embroidery and appliqued random bits of fleece to create the faces on the slipper tops. These faces are decidedly 2D, and next time I am going to challenge myself with a 3D version. I know I have a stuffed animal tutorial someplace in my crafty reference library, then I need to figure out how to marry that with the slipper pattern. That project needs to percolate a bit before I am ready to tackle it.

The slipper bottoms were another challenge with this project.  I wound up going with a soft-backed vinyl fabric, but I also considered using fabric paint to give them some traction.

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